iKapa Projects (Pty) Ltd 2013/050274/07 is a client focused, service–orientated, construction company located in the Cape Winelands district. The company is currently engaged in various construction projects of various values in the residential sector, commercial and industrial developments. The company work with a broad-based network of prominent professionals in architecture, quantity surveying, engineering, interior design and landscaping. Furthermore, we are positioning ourselves in the context of developing productive partnerships and joint ventures with reputable companies and organizations who share our passion and values. We strive to be the turnkey solution. 

​We offer a full solution based one stop for the potential client. We offer the client the opportunity to be introduced to all external professionals, but also eager to meet new. iKapa projects offer the following services: Planning, design and initiation phase.

iKapa Projects (Pty) Ltd can assist during the planning and design phase so that the designed cost effective and practical. We Assist with all the necessary documentation, approvals with local authorities and enrolment with the NHBRC.

NHBRC Specifications:

The following documents are important for the new home owner, the bank, the home builder and the NHBRC. All parties must make sure these documents, where applicable, are properly completed and signed:

  • the Residential Unit Enrolment Certificate issued by the NHBRC;
  • the building contract or deed of sale for both land and buildings (where applicable);
  • the payment documents for the enrolment fee, payable by the home builder to the NHBRC;
  • the plans and specifications of the home;
  • all engineers' certificates;
  • the Standard Home Builders Warranty;
  • Waiver of Lien
  • the snag list (which should be drawn up by you before you move in); and
  • the letter of occupation, signed by you when taking occupation of a new house built in terms of a building contract.

What are the builder's responsibilities?

  • As a condition of registration with the NHBRC, the registered builder must issue a standard home builders warranty to the new home buyer.
  • The warranty on your home automatically transfers to anybody who buys your home within five years after the building completion.
  • Under the NHBRC's defects warranty, the registered home builder must:
  • Enrol the new house with the NHBRC and pay the enrolment fee;
  • build the house to the standards and guidelines laid down in the NHBRC's Home Builders' Manual;
  • Make good any defects related to plans, specifications, workmanship and materials in the new house which occur within 90 days of your moving in to the new house;
  • Repair any roof leaks occurring within 12 months of occupation;
  • Provide a five-year warranty on the structural integrity of the new house. This warranty is a guarantee on the roof structure, superstructure (walls), substructure (foundations) and private drains;
  • Ensure that you sign a letter confirming acceptance of occupation (for building contracts) and forward a copy to the NHBRC; and
  • Ensure that all relevant documentation has been completed and signed by both yourself and himself before construction begins.

​Before signing the offer to purchase or building contract:

  • Check the reputation of the builder by inspecting homes built by him and speaking to the owners of these homes.
  • Obtain an attorney’s advice on the building contract or offer to purchase before signing either of these documents.
  • Not pay a deposit unless you are certain that the deposit will be held in a trust fund, and are in possession of a valid building contract or offer to purchase.

Before building starts:

  • Ensure that the builder enrols the new home with the NHBRC at least three weeks before building starts by asking to see the Residential Unit Enrolment Certificate. This certificate is issued by the NHBRC, specifically for the home to be built
  • Obtain copies of, and complete, all the relevant documents.
  • On occupation of the completed home
  • Compile a list of all the visible problems and defects and hand it to the builder before signing for the keys to the home.

Local approvals:

iKapa projects assists with approvals of building plans through the HOA and local municipalities, service connections.

Construction phase:

We pride ourselves in a no hidden cost approach, openness and dedication.

Close out phase:

Kapa Projects administer the final hand over, certificates from local authorities, guarantees, snags and are dedicated toward resolving any unforeseen circumstances or snags and honour our guarantee as per NHBRC specification.

Email:   Tel: 071 479 2440  Email: 5 Restio Lane, Welgevonden, Stellenbosch, Western Cape